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At A Caring Pregnancy Center, panic and confusion are dispelled as teens, women and men are surrounded by respect and love.
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What Classes do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of classes and small groups that are designed to help YOU succeed in relationships and in life. All of our classes are available in either a group OR one-on-one setting and we can always work around your schedule to fit your unique needs.

More Life Services

The First Steps Program will equip you to be the best parent for your child. You will also earn baby clothing (up to 12 months) and diapers on a weekly basis as an incentive for attending class!

A Childbirth Class at A Caring Pregnancy Center prepares the expectant mother and her labor partner for the birth process. Plan to attend the Childbirth Class around your 24th week of pregnancy.

The Discipline Class will equip you to address, correct and guide your children. We will identify styles of parenting: Permissive vs. Authoritative, identify the difference between strong-willed and/or compliant children and learn how to activate your child’s strengths even with the challenges.

ACPC's prevention program for girls only. Learn more about Beautiful Awakening: Tween Group (ages 9-12) High School Group

The Diamond Standard is specifically designed for young adults, ages 15-29. You can expect to learn a lot about yourself - your unique strengths and weaknesses and how to use them for your benefit as you pursue your education, in the workplace, as a parent and in all of your relationships.

Financial Peace University is open to anyone in the community who wants to change their financial future. In 9 action-packed lessons, you'll learn how to beat debt, build wealth, invest for the future, give like never before, and much more!

What do you have for guys?

ACPC has services and programs to support guys of all ages and from all walks of life. And guys love ACPC. We offer assistance with employment, education about issues guys face during the pregnancy and classes to help guys transition into fatherhood. Many couples start by taking our First Steps classes together, then the men can learn about what other options we have just for him.

More For Guys

24/7 Dad® will equip you to develop a positive relationship with your child(ren). Every child deserves an involved dad and every dad deserves to know how important he is to his child's future success.

At ACPC, we believe that in the heart of every man is a desire to live a life that is honorable and worthy of respect. Journey to Manhood will equip you as you journey through life with the tools needed to achieve success in relationships and in every area of your life.

For over 30 years, the legacy of ACPC continues—join your legacy with ours and make a difference every day with your donation.
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What Our Clients Are Saying


"The experience at ACPC was fantastic for a first time parent. The information and classes provided tons of knowledge for a first time, nervous parent like me. The classes helped me to feel comfortable in my new role as a dad."

Brad Participant - ACPC Life Services

"I’m so grateful to everyone at ACPC and to those who donate to them. Everyone was so kind and professional and helped me in every way possible. It was a very positive experience. ACPC has been a tremendous blessing to me and my family."

Sierra Patient - ACPC Women's Clinic