Beautiful Awakening

Beautiful Awakening for Teens will provide straightforward answers to hard questions about sex and waiting. Author Dannah Gresh has made it her life’s mission to help young women embrace sexual integrity and in her latest book, “What Are You Waiting For? The One Thing No One Ever Tells You About Sex,” she is going deeper and talking frankly about sex, masturbation, same sex attraction, oral sex, pornography and more. We will be meeting each week to look at some of the topics in Dannah’s book. Beautiful Awakening is a safe place to talk openly and candidly about sex, your past and what you want for your future. Questions are welcome.

Who is Beautiful Awakening for?
High School Girls – those who have practiced sexual integrity and need encouragement to continue as well as those who need healing from their past.

What’s it about? It’s not about NOT having sex. It’s about waiting to have it THE VERY BEST IT CAN BE.

Why? We live in a world that promotes sexuality as “whatever feels good for you” and for young people that causes so much confusion and pain.

How can I participate?

Call or text ACPC at 719.544.9312 for more information and to sign up!

Please check our Life Services Calendar for the dates and times of our next Beautiful Awakening class rotation.

Weekly Topics

Week 1 Let’s Get Real / Clearly Confused
Week 2 Yada, Yada, Yada / The One Thing No One Ever Tells You About Sex
Week 3 Not All Sex is the Same / Friends With Benefits
Week 4 Relational Love / The Lesbian Question
Week 5 Sex Is Not A Solo Sport / Our Porn Problem
Week 6 Exclusive Love / The Line
Week 7 Starting Over / Finding Yada
Week 8 Faithful Love / The Yearning

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