Weekly Discipline Class

The Weekly Discipline Class at ACPC is offered both in a Group Setting or One-On-One, depending on your needs.

At ACPC, we realize that discipline is something we do for our children not to them, meaning we set clear, realistic boundaries (ie. speed limits) and expect them to follow them.

The Weekly Discipline Class will equip you to address, correct and guide your children. We will identify styles of parenting: Permissive vs. Authoritative, identify the difference between strong-willed and/or compliant children and learn how to activate your child’s strengths even with the challenges.

Group Class
Thursdays from 12:30-2:00
Class days and times are subject to change
Please Check our Life Services Calendar for dates and times for all of our classes and events.

Registration is required before attending class. Please call or text 719.544.9312 to register.

One-on-one Class
By appointment (1 Hour)

Call or text 719.544.9312 to schedule your one-on-one class.

Why a group class?
Attending a group class allows the flexibility of not attending weekly or to alternate the days you attend. A group setting also allows for discussion with other parents.

Why one-on-one?
A one-on-one setting allows for a more custom approach for your individual parenting questions and needs.

All of the services at ACPC are confidential and free of charge.

Questions? Call or text 719.544.9312.

Please check our Life Services Calendar for upcoming First Steps Classes