First Steps & First Steps Plus

The First Steps Program at ACPC will equip you to be the best parent for your child. You will also earn baby clothing (up to 12 months) and diapers on a weekly basis as an incentive for attending class! Classes are open to expecting parents and those who already have children. All ages are welcome to attend.

First Steps is a weekly group class that meets every Wednesdays from 4-6pm. Classes are on a 12-week rotation. Feel free to bring a support person with you (mom, boyfriend, husband, etc.). Registration is required before attending class. Please call 719.544.9312 to register.

First Steps Plus is a one-on-one, custom approach to parenting education. Is there a particular topic you have been wanting to learn more about? Prenatal Care, soothing your baby, toilet training…? You are not alone. The topics available with First Steps Plus are endless! Call 719.544.9312 today to schedule your appointment with one of our First Steps Plus parenting advocates.

First Steps Classes

Food to enjoy and live by.
Teacher: Sharon McDougal, Registered Midwife (RM), Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) – Beautifully Born Midwifery

Mother and Infant Relaxation and Massage
Touch means love. The need for mothers to relax.
Teacher: Sue Mueller, Parenting Educator

Caring for Baby & Happiest Baby on the Block
Insight into your baby’s needs and how to comfort your crying baby.
Teacher: Kelly Quillen, ACPC First Steps Coordinator

Baby Care and Safety
Information on baby illness, temperature taking and basic baby health care as well as safety-proofing your baby’s environment.
Teacher: Roseann Foster

Is Your Child Safe?
Alerting parents to the dangers of sexual abuse and how to protect your children from child abuse.
Teacher: Leigh Ann Hathaway, ACPC Life Services Director

Understanding Your Infant DVD & Discussion
What should my baby be doing now? Best toys, play activities, safe and sound practices.
Teacher: Kelly Quillen, ACPC First Steps Coordinator

Successful Relationships I
“How-to’s” of behaviors that lead to healthy relationships.
Teacher: Julie Vanderploeg

Successful Relationships II
Follow-up to Relationships I
Teacher: Julie Vanderploeg

Bright Beginnings and Character Development
Bright beginnings is a program centered around the first year of the baby;s life, brain development and nurturing health. Character development principles will help you raise your child to be the kind of person everyone respects.
Teacher: Nina Casteel, Catholic Charities and Jeannie Koch, ACPC Parenting Advocate

Loving Boundaries and Discipline
Discuss appropriate discipline and setting boundaries for your child to help him/her develop into a person who is a joy to be around.

Roles and Influences
When a kid knows where they stand (boundaries and relationships), you’ve earned the right to positively influence them. Parenting from a father’s viewpoint.
Teacher: Bill Hunter, Pastor of Pueblo Family Church

Family Fun
Learn creative ways to have fun with your family.
Teacher: Kelly Quillen, ACPC First Steps Coordinator

All of the services at ACPC are confidential and free of charge.

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