ACPC Life Services

The focus of ACPC Life Services is life coaching, healthy relationship and parenting education, with incentives. Our goal is to help you succeed in parenting, in your relationships and in all areas of your life. All of ACPC’s Services, Classes, and Mentoring Sessions are free and confidential.

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Please check our Life Services Calendar for the dates and times of all of our Life Services classes and events.



  • Childbirth Class
    Third trimester class to prepare expectant mothers and their labor partners for the birth process taught by a licensed labor and delivery nurse.

  • Prenatal Class
    A nurse facilitated prenatal class which covers topics including fetal development, common pregnancy discomforts, things to avoid during pregnancy and ways to take control of your health during pregnancy. The class is interactive and fun.


  • Circle of Parents
    Circle of parents provides a peer-to-peer, safe, supporting, confidential, non-judgemental environment where parents can openly discuss the successes and challenges of parenting. Circle of Parents values reciprocity and the development of leadership among participants.

  • Weekly Discipline Class
    Program developed to help parents be pro-active and how to find balance in discipline by guiding their children with love and limits.

  • First Steps Parenting Program
    Group classes providing relevant and applicable tools for every parent covering a wide range of topics from local professionals.

  • First Steps Plus Parenting Program
    One on one mentoring, providing customized, relevant and applicable tools for every parent covering a wide range of topics. By appointment.


  • 24/7 Dad®
    Part of The Initiative (Moms as Gatekeepers + 24:7 Dad National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) program) – Program built to create and maintain healthy relationships between parents and to teach men to be involved and positive influences in their children’s lives.

  • 7 Habits of a 24/7 Dad®
    The 7 Habits of a 24/7 Dad® is an 8 hour workshop that combines the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People with the fathering principles of NFI’s 24/7 Dad® program. We all have 24 hours a day and seven days a week, but it is how a dad spends his time, his habits, that determine whether he’s an average dad or a good dad.

  • Journey to Manhood
    Men’s Fraternity program equipping men with the tools to be successful in all manner of relationships in today’s society.

  • Power Hour
    An session encourages men to “Reach Up” to God and “Reach Out” to their families through activities and strategies they can try at home. Sessions include Honor the Mother, Handling Stress and Anxiety, You and Mom – One Flesh, Work-Sabbath Balance, Your Body is a Temple and Iron Sharpens Iron.


  • Beautiful Awakening for Teens
    Teen program for girls about sex and establishing healthy romantic relationships.

  • Beautiful Awakening for Tweens
    Preteen program for girls focusing on building confidence and celebrating uniqueness.

  • Sexual Risk Avoidance
    Sexual Risk avoidance participants learn how to voluntarily refrain from non-marital sexual activity. The program also teaches the benefits associated with self-regulation, success sequencing for poverty prevention, healthy relationships, goal setting, resisting sexual coercion, dating violence and other youth risk behaviors such as underage drinking or illicit drug use without normalizing teen sexual activity.

  • Reproductive Education
    Education provided on topics relating to fertility management, menstrual cycles, STI’s and STD’s and family planning.


  • The Diamond Standard Success Development Program
    Success and relationship education equipping youth and emerging adults with resources and psycho-social skills to promote a healthy future.


  • Bible Studies
    ACPC is equipped with several programs from top theologians including “The Truth Project,” “The Family Project,” “Life with a Capital L,” “The Power Hour,” (for men only) “Who Am I,” “Forgiven and Set Free,” and “Making Life Disciples.”

  • Financial Coaching
    Available as either a 9-week course to learn how to save, budget, become or stay debt free with Dave Ramsey, America’s trusted voice on money and business or as a one-on-one with a local financial advisor.

  • One-on-One Parenting Mentors
    By appointment, personalized plan specific to each individual’s needs, covering parenting issues from pregnancy to age 18, with incentives.

  • Pregnancy Loss Recovery for any Pregnancy Loss
    A safe and confidential setting to discuss emotions after miscarriage, abortion or stillbirth.

  • Relationship Mentoring
    By appointment, peer counseling for couples, parent/child, etc.< Discover what a healthy relationship looks like, the importance of a healthy relationship and its influence on family, children and the future.

    ACPC offers a “Bridge Program” to easily transition expectant moms from our clinic services into our continued education programs with a carefully chosen combination of 4 classes intended to gradually introduce clients to the full array of programs offered at ACPC.


  • Abortion Recovery Support (
    Men, like women, may suffer a profound sense of loss following an abortion.

  • Childbirth Education Class
    Learn about labor, delivery, and newborn care from a trained childbirth educator. Earn While You Learn credit applies.

  • Earn While You Learn (First Steps & First Steps Plus)
    Information on parenting. You choose the lessons. You reap the reward: credit to purchase needed personal, maternity, or baby supplies.

  • Financial Coaching
    Learn how to beat debt, build wealth, invest for the future, give like never before, and much more!

  • Peer Consultations for Men
    Meet one-on-one with an experienced dad.

  • Weekly Discipline Class
    The Discipline Class will equip you to address, correct and guide your children. We will identify styles of parenting: Permissive vs. Authoritative, identify the difference between strong-willed and/or compliant children and learn how to activate your child’s strengths even with the challenges.

You (and a partner) will earn “Baby Bucks” for attending any Life Services workshop or class, which can be used to purchase new and gently used clothing maternity and baby clothing (Preemie-12 months), diapers and wipes on a one-time or weekly basis. Monthly baby showers, Showers of Hope, are also an incentive for participants in any of the previously mentioned courses.

Call or text 719.544.9312 to sign up.

Please check our Life Services Calendar for the dates and times of our workshops & classes.