Limited STI Testing & Treatment

STIs are the most commonly reported diseases in Colorado, and are among the world’s most common diseases, with an annual incidence exceeded only by diarrheal diseases, malaria, and lower respiratory infections. In 2010, 22,372 persons in Colorado were reported as having chlamydia, gonorrhea or primary/secondary syphilis.

ACPC Women’s Clinic currently offers STI Testing and Treatment for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea in conjunction with a pregnancy test. If a woman is thinking about having an abortion, it is important that she recieve STI Testing and Treatment (if necessary) befor she has an abortion procedure. Is she has and abortion with an active STI, the infection can spread and cause long term damage to her reproductive health.

Every patient that comes in for STI Testing is offered ACPC’s medical services and is referred to ACPC Life Services.

The 2010 Sexually Transmitted Infection Surveillance Report presents statistics and trends for reportable sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Colorado (including chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis). This report describes trends in reportable STIs by person, place and time.

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