Love at First Sight

In 2017, we partnered with Save the Storks to bring a beautiful and innovative Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) to Pueblo County. The MMU, aka “Ann” is the first of its kind to hit the road in the state of Colorado!

Going mobile is a proven method to reach women contemplating abortion, as many of them have never heard of ACPC Women’s Clinic or the resources offered at a center like ours.

64% of women who choose abortion report that they felt pressured by others to abort. Ann allows us to reach those women with love, compassion, and hope in their moment of need.

Services provided in ACPC Mobile Clinic include pregnancy testing, ultrasound, pregnancy options counseling, community and medical referrals, including referrals for follow up services at our 500 Colorado Ave. location such as STI testing and treatment. After a positive pregnancy test, patients are provided with a free ultrasound in order to confirm viability and to determine how far along she is.

Ultrasound is an irreplaceable medical tool that allows a woman to see a real-time image of the child inside her womb.

A woman considering abortion may not receive scientific, factual information about the development of her pre-born child before choosing abortion. Many times she is told it is just “a blob of tissue.”

When a patient comes in for an ultrasound who has already had an abortion, we often hear, “If I had only known.” This is unacceptable to us.

Every woman who is considering abortion deserves clear and complete medical facts about her own body and the body of her pre-born child. This is true women’s rights. Ultrasound services provide a woman with vital medical information and an opportunity to make a decision she’ll never regret.

When a woman considering abortion can see her baby and hear the tiny heartbeat, she’s much more likely to choose life. In fact, 4 out of 5 women who board a Stork Bus like Ann choose life for their baby.

We help women and men fall in “love at first sight” with their unborn child.

Love gives us strength to perform seemingly impossible tasks. Our compassionate staff and our personalized services help women to experience the love that already exists in their hearts for their unborn child. It is this love, along with access to much needed resources and community services, that gives women the strength to conquer any challenge, to scale any wall, to face any fear that may be holding her back head from making a life-affirming decision.

It’s only because of the support we receive from individuals like you, from businesses and churches throughout our community, that we are able to help women connect with their unborn child as well as connect her with the resources, support and education she needs to thrive – and all of this is offered in a confidential environment that is completely free to the patient.

Thank you for your continued support as we launch Ann and for elevating life in Pueblo County and throughout Colorado.

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