More than a Picture

Ultrasound services provide a woman with vital medical information and an opportunity to make a decision she’ll never regret.

HELP: Ultrasound services help a woman understand her body, her pregnancy and her baby’s development. As a result, she is empowered to make choices that align with her values and priorities.

HEALTH: Ultrasound gives each woman a priceless bonding experience with her baby. It encourages her to seek early prenatal care, detects potential complications and opens her eyes and heart to the miracle of life.

HOPE: When they first “meet” their preborn children, many women cry tears of joy and decide to carry their babies to term. But that’s just the beginning. If desired, these women are provided with ongoing support by their PMC throughout their pregnancy and beyond, including counseling, physician referrals and more.

Ultrasound scans make a difference! For women who are abortion-minded, seeing that little life on the Ultrasound monitor can change their hearts, and minds, about choosing life for their baby. Since the beginning of Option Ultrasound in 2004, the number of babies saved is estimated to be more than 201,000 precious lives!

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These mothers will likely never forget the day they first saw the image of their baby, kicking her feet and waving her arms on the ultrasound monitor. They will recall the day that their hearts were changed, with gratitude they can hardly put into words, and they will be forever thankful that they had the opportunity to choose life, all because someone cared enough to give them the option of seeing their baby on an Ultrasound.