One-on-One Parenting

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At ACPC we offer parenting education and support in both a Classroom Group Setting as well as our One-On-One, personalized plans specific to each individual’s needs. Taking advantage of parenting education does not mean you are a bad parent – it means that you are a teachable one. You are a parent who wants to give the very best of yourself to your child. We commend you for that!

One-on-one appointments are offered by appointment by calling 719.544.9312. We will work with your schedule to find a time that is best for you. You can come one or two times to address a specific topic or you can come weekly for as long as you need. Each appointment will be customized to your needs as an individual and as a participant you are eligible for weekly incentives, including diapers and baby clothing up to 12 months.

ACPC offers one-on-one education in the following areas:

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Parenting: Personalized plan specific to each individual’s needs. Topics can include: pregnancy, infancy, toddler, discipline, teen & pre-teen related subjects. We focus on understanding your baby/child, your-self & your family needs so you can respond more accordingly, feel less stressed & your child(ren) feel more secure. We’re interested in assisting & preparing you to set the stage for the rest of your child(ren)s life, by encouraging their growing spiritual, emotional and learning needs.

Budgeting: Recognizing opportunities within budget to assist in financial stability.

Relationship Counseling: Understand the importance of healthy relationships and their influence on families and children (current and/or future children),including romantic (marital, pre-marital) and non-romantic relationships (friends, relatives, etc.)

Pregnancy Options: Provide information and answer questions regarding parenting, adoption or abortion.

Loss Recovery: Provide encouragement & support to those who have experienced a pregnancy loss ie. Miscarriage, still birth or abortion.

All of the services at ACPC are confidential and free of charge.

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