A Caring Pregnancy Center

Showers of Hope

In 2013, the staff at ACPC began offering monthly baby showers (Showers of Hope) for participants in one or more of ACPC Life Services programs.

Baby clothing, supplies and special gifts are provided for the honored guest, the expectant mom, complete with decorations, games and sweet treats!

“Your gifts were generous and useful. I love the books. I love all of the warm clothes you thoughtfully selected for my son. I’ve been very impressed with your organization and am glad I’ve participated in it. You offer real solutions, practical information and support without judgement and without asking a lot of personal questions of your clients. ACPC is an exceptional resource for this community.”

Katie, Shower of Hope Recipient

Please give us a call at 719.544.9312 to see how you can get involved in Showers of Hope!

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