Volunteer Appreciation Week

Volunteer Appreciation Week

April is a season for celebrating our volunteers who dedicate their time, talents, and energy to making a difference. National Volunteer Week is scheduled for April 15-21, 2018. Former President George H. W. Bush showed his support of American Volunteering in his 1991 State of the Union Address, commending “a volunteer’s generous gesture”, and calling it “an idea that is simply right.” A National Volunteer Week new proclamation has been issued by the American President each year since the holiday’s inception. ACPC is indeed indebted to our many volunteers that make the day to day operation of this ministry a success. We look forward to honoring our volunteers during National Volunteer Week, but also desire to impart our heartfelt appreciation to our volunteers throughout the year. Our wonderful volunteers saved ACPC an impressive $27,093 during 2017.

Interested in Volunteering at ACPC? We have opportunities available!

First steps instructors needed to facilitate:
What to Expect After Baby is Born
Emotion Coaching/Raising Emotionally Healthy Children
Developmental Milestones
Client Advocates
Mentoring Advocates

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