Journey to Manhood

Journey to Manhood exists to equip men of all ages as they journey through life with the tools they need to succeed in relationships and in life.

At ACPC, we believe that in the heart of every man is a desire to live a life that is honorable and worthy of respect. Every man wants to lead his life and family well, but so often men lack the tools to achieve this.

Many do not have a father to look up to or friends that rally around them with support. We believe that this is a huge need in our community and we MUST step in and make a difference in the lives these men.

Journey to Manhood is a place for discipleship, accountability and trust. ACPC is passionate about investing in the lives of men in our community, particularly young men who are beginning their education and careers and starting families.

Class Topics

The Four Faces of Manhood
Looking Back
Remembering Dad
The Father Wound
How Important are Mentors?
The Wounded Heart
Implications of the Wounded Heart
The Solution to the Wounded Heart
Genesis Part 1
Genesis Part 2

All of the services at ACPC are confidential and free of charge.

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